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3 Types of Procrastination that Get in Our Way.

mindset organisation planning Feb 27, 2023

Procrastination. We all suffer from it. And those that say they never do, well…. I don’t believe them.

There are many types of ways we procrastinate, and many reasons why.

There are the big ones we hear a lot more about – perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and fear.

Here I will touch on three. These may not be ones that you would think of straight away when someone mentions procrastination, but they may be some of the reasons behind the little things holding you back each week.


Too many things on your To-Do list


Are you the type of person that has a long To-Do list that is forever growing?

You think of something you need to do and on the list, it goes. Next, you realise there are 50 things on your To-Do list and the list is out of control. There is no system to it, no main end goal, just a lot of shit to do.

Suddenly you feel overwhelmed and instead of getting productive, you are frozen and don’t make any progress.




Not knowing where to start or what to work on

Now, this can follow on from the long To-Do list or just be from lack of planning. You sit down at your desk, and lots of things you know you need to do, but you just don’t know where to start or what to work on.

The next minute, you find you are doing something, but it isn’t anything that was on your list or that you needed to do. It might be scrolling social media, the internet, or google in general. Just avoiding (or just not doing) what you really need to be.




Too many ideas and you don’t know where to focus.


Oh creative ones, you will get me on this one!

Your brain doesn’t stop, you have soooo many ideas!!!

Sometimes too many ideas can be as bad as no ideas.

Too many ideas can become overwhelming. You don’t know what the best idea is, or where you should focus your time, what idea should you work on first, or what ones should go on the back burner.

So instead of getting productive, you become frozen and work on “no ideas”.



The three types of procrastination above can be avoided or assisted with a little bit of clarity and planning. No one enjoys feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

One thing you can do to assist things running smoother and to avoid the overwhelm and stress of procrastination, is planning your week in advance.

For me – I schedule a CEO date weekly in my calendar. In this slot I spend my time reviewing where I am with my goal I am focusing on (I try to focus on one big goal at a time – generally this is a 90 day period), I look at the next tasks required for to reach the milestones for my goal, and what are the next best steps to take. I schedule the tasks I need to work on for the next week into the relevant days.

This process allows me to know what I need to work on when I sit down at my desk, and to try to avoid the 3 types of procrastination that I covered above.


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