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5 Reasons Why We Don't Do What We Plan

planning Jun 19, 2023
Don't do what you plan

Ever had those moments when your well-laid plans go completely off track? Don't worry, you're not alone! Life has a funny way of throwing curveballs our way, making it hard to stick to our grand plans.

I am going to cover five of the reasons why our plans often fizzle out. I am sure you will relate to at least a few of them and nod your head in agreement!


Lack of motivation: The Mojo Drain

Okay, let's be real. Sometimes, we just can't summon enough motivation to get stuff done.

It's like our mojo decides to take a vacation, leaving us feeling all meh about our plans. Maybe the task doesn't excite us or we're not convinced it's worth our time.

It happens to the best of us!

Without that internal drive, we're more likely to abandon our plans midway, opting for more immediately gratifying pursuits. (Like checking the likes or comments on our latest post or mindlessly scrolling the abyss of the internet world)

The key is to find a deeper sense of purpose and align our goals with our values to reignite the flame of motivation. Digging deep and finding that spark of inspiration and reminding ourselves why we started in the first place.

Who knows? That mojo might come back from vacation sooner than you think!




Overwhelm: The Mount Everest Effect

You know that feeling when your to-do list looks like a never-ending scroll?

It's like climbing Mount Everest with flip-flops on! The sheer magnitude of tasks or the enormity of our goals can make us freeze in our tracks. Procrastination becomes our BFF, and before we know it, our plans gather dust.

Firstly, don’t overload each day's To-Do’s with too many things. Choose 2 to 3 major tasks only. It’s ok if you have some extra minor tasks on the list, but a long to-do list feels unachievable and overwhelming.

The trick is to break things down into bite-sized pieces.

Tackle one thing at a time, celebrate the small victories, and watch that mountain shrink!



Distractions: The Attention Thief

Ah, distractions, the sneaky little devils that hijack our focus.

Social media, notifications, and email pings - they're like magnets for our attention.

We start with good intentions, but suddenly find ourselves scrolling through cat memes instead of working on that important project. It's time to reclaim our focus!

Designate specific distraction-free zones, turn off notifications, and set clear boundaries to protect our productivity.

I like to set up power hours where I tell the household what my plans are, put my phone on Do Not Disturb, my noise cancelling headphones on, lovely “day spa” music (Tony O’Connor is a favourite go-to), and a timer to get sh*t done and focus on one task only.



Lack of resources: The Budget Buster

Ever had a fantastic plan, only to realize you're missing a crucial piece of the puzzle?

Maybe you lack the time, money, or know-how to make it happen.

It's frustrating, no doubt about it.

It's essential to be realistic about our available resources and seek creative solutions. This might involve learning new skills, seeking support from others, or revising our plans to fit within our limitations.

Get resourceful and think outside the box.

Can you learn a new skill?

Seek help from friends or online communities?

Or maybe tweak your plans to fit your current limitations.

Remember, where there's a will, there's usually a workaround.



Fear of Failure: The Dreaded "What Ifs"

Ahh, the fear of failure.

It's like that nagging voice in our heads, constantly whispering doubts and "what ifs."

What if we mess up? What will others think?

It's enough to make anyone want to hide under the covers and call it a day.

Fear of failure can be a paralyzing force that sabotages our plans before we even begin. The worry of falling short or the fear of what others might think can keep us locked in a state of inaction.

However, it's crucial to remember that failure is a natural part of growth and progress. Embracing a growth mindset and reframing failure as an opportunity for learning can help us overcome this fear and take meaningful action.

Embrace it as a stepping stone to growth and learning. Adopt a kinder inner dialogue, shift your perspective, and watch that fear lose its grip on you.


Despite our best intentions, our plans often crumble beneath unexpected challenges.

Understanding the underlying reasons why this happens empowers us to navigate these obstacles more effectively. By addressing our motivation, managing overwhelm, minimizing distractions, finding resourceful solutions, and conquering our fear of failure, we can increase our chances of following through on our plans and achieving the success we desire.

So, let's face these obstacles head-on and turn our plans into reality!


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