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Cracking the Code of Procrastination: Why We Do It and How to Beat It

goals mindset planning Oct 16, 2023

Procrastination – we've all been there, right? It's that sneaky habit of postponing stuff we know we should be doing. Like finishing a project, cleaning the house, or hitting the gym. The guilt it brings, the endless cycle of delay, and that little voice inside that says, "I'll do it later."

Often we don't realise we are doing it until after the fact, but then feelings like regret, worthlessness, and hopelessness start to rise.

Have you ever given thought to why we do it? Let me help you out a little and give you some tips to help to beat it.


What is Procrastination, Anyway?

Procrastination is like the art of delay.

It's when we put off tasks, especially important ones, in favour of something less urgent or entirely unrelated. Think scrolling through social media instead of finishing a work report, or binge-watching your favourite show instead of hitting the gym.


How Do I Know I'm Procrastinating?

Spotting procrastination is easier than you think. Here are some telltale signs:


  1. Feeling Like You're Always in a Rush: You're constantly racing against the clock because you've left things to the last minute.


  1. Drowning in Guilt: That nagging feeling that you should be doing something productive, but you're not.


  1. Choosing Instant Gratification: Opting for quick pleasures (like another episode of your favourite series) over longer-term rewards (like finishing a project).


  1. Endless Distractions: Getting sidetracked by your phone, social media, or other non-essential tasks when you should be working.


  1. Setting Unrealistic Standards: Waiting for conditions to be 'perfect' before getting started.



Embracing a New Perspective

So, how do we deal with this little demon?

Instead of beating ourselves up over procrastination, let's look at it with fresh eyes.

It might not be a sign of laziness or failure; it's often a signal from our minds. Maybe the task is daunting, or we lack motivation and clear goals.


The key to cracking the code of procrastination is self-awareness.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Understand why you procrastinate and what's triggering it.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Then, find your own anti-procrastination strategies.

It's all about being friendly with your inner procrastinator and teaching it new tricks.


For some people, it may be that they simply don't like some tasks so without even realising their subconscious keeps trying to avoid them. The solution may be to outsource this task, or to dig deeper into the why? 

Other people may procrastinate due to a lack of planning or systems. The solution to this may be instead of sitting down to another unproductive work session, they take the time out to revise their goal and put a simple plan in place that allows them to break down the steps to be manageable tasks,


Procrastination isn't the villain we often think it is. It's more like a tricky puzzle that can be solved with a little insight and self-compassion.

By recognizing our procrastination tendencies and figuring out why we do it, we can develop strategies to beat it at its own game.

Procrastination doesn't have to be the boss of us; it can be our guide to more productive, balanced, and happier lives. So, next time you spot yourself procrastinating, don't stress. Instead, learn from it and use that knowledge to kick procrastination's butt!


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